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Types of Pay for CDL-A Regional Drivers

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Do you ever wish you were paid differently for the loads you haul? Would you like to be paid weekly instead of every two weeks? Or how about getting paid by the hour versus the mile?

Trucking pay comes in every way imaginable. So, when looking for the best job to fit your lifestyle, it’s important to consider the pay methods of the company.

Experience - Pay is typically based on years of experience, special qualifications or endorsements, miles driven, haul type and range.

Frequency - Some jobs pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Base Pay – there are generally four types of base pay:

1. Hourly

2. Per Mile

3. Per Load

4. Combination of hourly, per mile, per load

In addition to base pay, there are ways to make more money in the following ways:

Per Diem Pay - money given for any place you stay overnight, meals, and other incidental expenses. Per Diem is a form of reimbursement that is not considered taxable income. The standard amount per day that you can claim is $66 (subject to change).

Detention and Layover Pay – compensation paid to drivers who are held up at a shipper or receiver for an extended amount of time. Layover pay may be given to drivers who spend time waiting between loads.

Stop Pay - offered to drivers who make multiple stops on their run. In general, stop pay does not include the initial or final destination. Like detention and layover pay, stop pay compensates for the time that drivers are not adding miles to their logbooks.

Incentive Pay - pay for loads that are more difficult because of location, border crossings, hazardous materials, or other non-typical duties. For example, tarp pay is not uncommon for flatbed drivers. Truck drivers who haul refrigerated loads may get a higher cent per mile rate. Some companies offer incentive pay for maximum legal weight loads.

Bonus Pay - some of the most common bonuses are for fuel, safety, inspections and overall performance. Many companies also offer hiring bonuses for signing on to their job and staying for a certain amount of days or referral bonuses for bringing in new drivers.

Driver pay varies greatly from company to company depending on many factors such as: type of truck, products being hauled, distance driven and individual company’s pay policies. Carleton Transport pays weekly and offers a few options – by the mile or hour, depending on regional or local - as well as load and sign-on bonuses. It is best to ask up-front how and when you will be paid before accepting a new company truck driving job.

At Carleton Transport, our goal is to create calm in the chaos of the trucking industry while maintaining driver safety. If you’re interested in hearing more about our current driving opportunities, call 402-332-0260 to speak with our recruiter. Or, visit our website at today.



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